Nora Lundquist {Newborn}

Not only have I known Miss Nora's mama, Kelsey, since the first grade, she's been my best friend since first grade. From the time that Kelsey and her husband, Taylor, told me they were expecting their first child, I've been dreaming up ways to make their session special.

Kelsey has always loved the Harry Potter series. She's read all the books more than once, dressed up for movie premiers and loved every minute of it. It only seemed fitting to create a set that features her favorites:

Kelsey's family has always loved going and taking their cars to local cars shows. Kelsey's dad bought this lovely antique pedal car when Kelsey was just a baby. Grandpa Scott was so excited to see this treasured piece of family history show up in Nora's gallery.

As long as Nora was swaddled up, she was completely happy. Little does this little one know, this is not the last she'll see of my camera.

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