Fall sessions: What to wear

Deciding what to wear during your upcoming session can literally be as stressful as, if not more stressful than, picking a photographer. These are the photos that you will hang in your home or office for years to come (or at least until you decide to schedule another session). It can seem somewhat overwhelming when you are trying to pick out the perfect outfit for you and your family. Use the tips to make the wardrobe selection less of a pain.

1. Coordinating colors. Long are the days where everyone wears a white tshirt and jeans. Instead pick a few colors and choose clothes that fit into the color scheme. If you want complimentary clothes, pick colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. If you want colors that pop, pick colors on opposite sides of the color wheel. (Who knew that color wheel we loathed in high school would actually have another use).

2. Look at your home decor. Is your home decorated with bright colors? Neutrals? Since you'll be itching to hang a canvas over the mantel, you'll want to make sure that the colors of the clothes will go with the room's color scheme.

3. Think classic. Remember the 80's puffy shoulder pads? Back then they were the ultimate trend. Now they look dated. By selecting outfits that will stand the test of time, you can cherish the photos hanging on your wall for years to come. That said, feel free to bring along another set of outfits that are super trendy for right now.

4. Don't forget accessories. Accessories are the easiest way to add texture and add the "finishing touch' to your outfit. Think scarves and belts. Accessories not only can add to your outfit but they can be fun to use as props in a session. Children can play with mom's necklace or steal dad's hat.

5. Patterns. Don't be afraid to add a pattern but limit them a.k.a. don't have everyone show up in a different patterns of flannels. Use them as a way to add an interest of pop to the final images.

6. Consider your background. If you are taking photos indoors, think about what you are wearing. If you have selected a location for the session that has a lot of "busier' aspects, you may want to select a reserved complimentary top - or - just the opposite!

7. Seasons. Consider the season in which the session is taking place but don't limit yourself to dressing only for that season. Think about adding a jacket to your summer session - or - your favorite summer sport jersey to your fall session.

8. Look for clothing collections. If you are at a complete loss, head to a store that typically have a variety of coordinating collections (think Macy's, Nordstorms, Old Navy, etc.). You can either purchase clothes for all the children in one stop - or - simply use them as a way to get an idea.

9. Check out pinterest. If all else fails, check out pinterest. There are literally an infinite amount of inspirational pins and boards dedicated to family photo sessions.

10. Plan ahead. Once you have booked your session, start considering your outfits right away. This will not only help you be sure you've picked the 'perfect' outfit but will prevent you from having a last minute freak out 20 minutes before leaving for your session.

11. Share with me. When you've made your final clothing selections, snap a picture and send it to me. I work to customize every session to the family's style. That, and I just like to know what's in style!

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